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$10 of this shirt will be provided to Jeepers Back the Blue, Dover, DE

Every day men and women in blue are putting themselves in harms way all across the country as we deal with COVID-19. Funds raised from this t-shirt will be used by the Jeepers Back the Blue Foundation to buy meals for departments throughout our region.

The Jeepers Back the Blue Jamboree is an event dedicated to the brave men and women in blue that serve our communities. Started in honor of Cpl Stephen Ballard of the Delaware State Police, this annual event helps raise money for the families of fallen Police Officers and for scholarships for the children of Law Enforcement Officers.

Each time there is a print run (bi-weekly) we will pay out to the businesses. If in the event our Distribution Centers are shut down, we will print/ship/pay once they open back up and we can get shirts out the door!

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